Singing Lessons
(Private Tuition in Medway)

Singing Lessons - Medway, Kent

Objectives of Singing Lessons

[All styles catered for]

No matter what style of singing the basics of good technique remain the same. Breath control, support, tone placement and, above all, communication. In the singing lessons you will learn the physiology of the voice, how the mechanism of breathing works and how that breath creates vocal sound. You will learn how this vocal sound is then amplified naturally by the bodies’ resonators and how by directing the focus of the voice to different resonance zones you can manipulate the vocal tone.

Singing lessons will help open up the voice, increase the range and power and allow you to have greater control of the tone and quality of the vocal sound. Professionally guided singing lessons will therefore inevitably result in increased stamina as well. Communication and repertoire are the next step and more about this is explained under vocal coaching.

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